Parking the Car in Tokyo


Parking your car in Tokyo is a complete nightmare. There’s no way around it. My parking bill alone costs more than most peoples’ car payments in the USA.


You aren’t allowed to buy a car in Japan unless you have somewhere to park it. You can’t just park your car anywhere like in some countries. So no pulling the Chevy up on the front lawn. You have to have proof of a parking space for your vehicle.


Monthly parking in Tokyo costs between 40,000 – 80,000 JPY. Parking spaces in Japan are nothing like the driveway that we had back in Florida. Tight squeeze is an understatement. The mechanical parking lots look more like a ride at the county fair.

Do you have a car in Tokyo and if so… how much do you fork over monthly just to park it?

13 thoughts on “Parking the Car in Tokyo

  1. that’s so true! most cars parked in lots have their side mirrors folded too.
    my uncle’s car is not parked by his home, but 5mins walk away… typical Tokyo!

    • Public transit is the only way to go. Funny thing is I know some people who never take the train. They prefer to sit in traffic.

  2. go a little outside of tokyo and you’re not paying nearly as much. go a little further and it’s cheap compared to tokyo standards which are, in my opinion, downright crazy considering the standard of living is so low. who wants to live like that?

  3. I trust technology a lot but when it comes to my car I can’t trust anything else being over it except a roof or a sky.

    They are much more trusting than I.

  4. My friends dad owns a massive American van that he uses to go surfing with in Tokyo. It was a fucking riot watching him drive thru the tiny streets of Meguro, but he was an awesome driver, and knows his way around. I should find out what kind it was again… it just reminded me of the one in Scooby Doo.

  5. Wow, I thought finding parking was stressful in other countries. Thanks, this is an interesting post that makes another strong argument for going carless.