Chris Nunez, Ami James and Yoji Harada in Japan

worldwide tribe The guys from the hit TV show, “Miami Ink,” have stepped away from their Miami Beach shop and are shooting their new TV show, “Worldwide Tribe,” - their first stop: Tokyo. Hosts Chris Nunez and Ami James joined myself and tattoo artist Akilla (he took the pic) for Japanese food and drinks in Ikebukuro.

“Worldwide Tribe” revolves around tattooing around the globe — including Nepal, Japan, Polynesia, Thailand, Canada, Israel, Germany and Spain. Tattoo artists Chris Nunez, Ami James and “apprentice” Yoji Harada host.


worldwide tribe

The cast members ride the train on the way back from the M-1 fights on 4/29.

ami and yoji

On Sunday we couldn’t resist the Karaoke jam during our lunch break! It was a short session but Ami, Yoji and I rocked a couple songs each.

Here’s a short clip of Yoji singing an old Japanese love song.

17 thoughts on “Chris Nunez, Ami James and Yoji Harada in Japan

  1. Damn, that’s cool as hell.
    Ami is still cock diesel swole.
    Were the quotations around “apprentice” there for emphasis?

    • I didn’t write that part in the block quote. I think they put it in quotes because that was the role Yoji played on the Miami Ink show… but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Yoji will be labeled as an apprentice in this show. But it’s definitely not my place to say… so I’ll leave it up to them to tell the story.

  2. Hey Billy!
    I know you must be a totally busy guy HOWEVER is it totally insane if I ask you to contact me. I wanted to ask you something in a more private method ….email me if you can. Thanks.

    [email protected]

  3. karpat:

    I’ve been friends with these guys for a long time. I was glad that they came to Japan to shoot. I think Worldwide Tribe will be an awesome show! I can’t wait either.

  4. Hey where can I get the song “Break Away” by Yoji? whats his band name? and is the CD out yet?

  5. Where can I watch this show in Canada? Is it possible? I know its on travel channel, but I’m not sure if thats on my listings.

    • The show is not airing yet. I believe there have been some delays in editing for some reason. Not sure what the deal is. It’s in Travel Channel’s hands now.

  6. Thanks for sharing - shame you couldn’t put a clip up of Yoji AND Ami singing - now that would be good to see! We all know Yoji sings anyway :) and promise not to laugh at them both!!

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