Sleeve almost finished

I’ve been getting tattooed by Akilla a.k.a. Horiyamato of the Horitoshi family. He’s getting close to finishing the sleeve - we have a little bit more background to do and then the scales and the belly of the dragon. The scales black and gray… but we’re still thinking about the color of the belly.

Chest Tattoo

Tebori Sleeve

I’m leaning towards yellowish brown but still haven’t decided.

Any suggestions?

15 thoughts on “Sleeve almost finished

  1. Hey Bill,

    im going to japan in october to start my backpiece. But i have limited budget for place to stay. Do you know any cheap or backpackers hotel?


  2. I got yellowish-brown on my 3/4 sleeve and it is not as bright. I know it depends on the space and also color skin. I am usually somewhat tan throughout the year.

    • I’m thinking about yellowish brown too. That’s an awesome color. I know a lot of people who have an allergic reaction to RED so that’s not an option. I don’t want to take the chance.

  3. Ok off topic but its good to see hair on a man - they’re too smooth these days! Re the colour, I didn’t know some people are allergic to red so agree with you go for the yellow/brown. Love the work so far.

  4. Don’t worry to much about color choice with that great detail from the artist. Any color will look slam ! …Yes, just like… JGirls.. details… are always wet & ready !

  5. Don’t worry about the color choice, with that great detail by the artist… any color will look slam ! Just like all JGirls… details are always wet.. which means always ready ! Simon L aka Ichinu