Ikebukuro Nishi Guchi

The West Side or ‘Nishi Guchi’ of Ikebukuro is known for, well let’s just say, the finer things in life. There are awesome izakaya’s and kushi-yaki (Yakitori) joints scattered across town.

My favorite Kaiten-zushi spot is in the north-west side of Ikebukuro station. A plethora of Hostess Bars piled one on top of the other. Ma-sa-ji girls everywhere too… Guys with cauliflower ear man the streets. Police cruise the town and they roll in pairs. They cruise through the alleys behind the Soap Land establishments.

Ikebukuro is known to be a pretty dangerous part of Tokyo too. Japanese Yakuza and the Chinese mob have been associated with Pachinko, Hostess Bars, Karaoke, Soap Lands and prostitution. Heiwa-Dori or “Peaceful Road” is the most violent street in Tokyo.

One thought on “Ikebukuro Nishi Guchi

  1. Nishi guchi…man, some fun times to be had. Just carry some cash, leave your passport at the hotel, and don’t game those guys with the cauliflower ears and you’ll be all right.