Korean Tiger video shoot

I asked the Korean Tiger, MMA fighter Kotetsu Boku, if he was down to shoot a short film and he said, “no problem.” We shot today in the streets of Tokyo… looking at the footage it came out excellent. Here are a couple frame grabs.



kotetsu boku

I used the Canon 5DMKII with a Canon TS-E 24mm tilt shift lens, the Zacuto Z-finder… and my new toy - the Libec MP-66DV monopod. It was my first time using a tilt shift lens and I was having a really hard time finding the focus. Still photos are even hard with that lens… video was nearly impossible. Although some video came out great… I didn’t get everything I wanted. I’d like to re-shoot the fixed gear bike scenes again with a 16-35mm or something similarly wide and sharp. Any suggestions?