shooting at Ami’s tattoo shop

I’ve been shooting video and stills at Ami’s tattoo shop on South Beach, “Love Hate.” I’m getting lots of b-roll with the Canon 5D Mark II.

Now that the 2.0.3 firmware is released we can shoot 24P!

We’re putting together a short film - not a reality piece like the Miami Ink show. Indie baby!

Make sure you check out Ami’s blog where you can catch more photos and clips.


EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro

5D Mark II owners… are you as excited as I am? Canon’s firmware upgrade for the EOS 5DMKII to ver. 2.0.4 - allows shooting 24P… and the Final Cut Pro plug-in, “EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro” released yesterday - streamlines import from card to FCP. No need for third-party software like MPEG Streamclip!

What are you waiting for? Download firmware version 2.0.4 and the newly released EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro on the Canon website!

Connecting the memory card to the computer requires a third-party card reader like this one via USB 2.0… or this one via FireWire 800.

U.S. FCC releases Internet speed test tool

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday launched a broadband test service to help consumers clock the speed of their Internet.

Located at the site, the test is aimed at allowing consumers to compare their actual speeds with the speeds advertised by their providers.

The FCC release follows an FCC meeting in September where officials said that actual speeds were estimated to lag by as much as 50 percent during busy hours.

“The FCC’s new digital tools will arm users with real-time information about their broadband connection and the agency with useful data about service across the country,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a statement.

The FCC is also collecting information about where broadband is not available. Consumers can email the FCC at [email protected] or call the FCC.

DSLR invasion has begun

By: Jared Abrams

The Fox series “House” will be using Canon 5D Mark II’s to shoot the final episode this season. I overheard the camera assistant’s saying that the DP wanted to use the 5D Mark II with Canon still lenses for it’s shallow depth of field. From what little I could see, they had a remote follow focus strapped to a Red Rock Micro Eyespy handheld rig. It looks like more and more pros are gravitating towards the image quality and size of these unique cameras.The DSLR invasion has begun!

Source: Cinema5D