Halloween Tokyo 2009

Halloween in Shibuya was pretty wild. As usual, the standard ‘nurse’ and ‘police officer’ sexy costumes were the number one choice amongst J-girls. Lots of guys were cartoon characters or video game heroes like Super Mario or Donkey Kong.

It was cool just hanging out on the streets and talking with random people. It’s funny how costumes make people feel more at ease to chat it up with a stranger.

For the most part Japanese costumes were sexy and fun while the majority of foreigner costumes were scary and gory.





















Michael Jackson was in the house! Get his 25th Anniversary of Thriller (CD+DVD) on Amazon












































Not all Japanese enjoy Halloween or anything involving foreigners for that matter. Apparently there was an anti-foreigner protest on the same night in Shinjuku just a couple train stops away. I heard from some people who were there that it wasn’t a huge ordeal, however the posting online makes it seem as if it was.

Let’s not let those idiots spoil all of the fun though!

Check out more photos of Japan taken this summer on Shonan Beach.


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34 Responses to Halloween Tokyo 2009

  1. billywest says:

    Great Shots. Looks like it was a good time.

  2. Billy says:

    Yeah, it was a great time. I’ve never seen so many nurses and cops in my life!

  3. Stephen says:

    Sexy is right! I had an idea but didn’t know Tokyo would be that kind of party. I’m going in December. I hope xmas season will be as festive.

  4. Albert says:

    Oh Shibuya… Man, wish I was there!

  5. freedomwv says:

    I saw those zombies and they were f***ing cool! Shibuya got attacked by zombies! One of the coolest street stunts I have ever seen.

  6. yonasu says:

    Wow some great costumes there! I spent my Halloween putting together furniture from IKEA =/

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  8. Mark says:

    I think japan is crazier about Halloween than the USA is!!

  9. GaiGene says:


  10. Benoy says:

    Got this page’s reference from Twitter and I thoroughly enjoyed the pics, the gory ones do look hair raising scary, others cool. Just wanted to say thanks. Cool share!

    • Billy says:


      I’m glad you enjoyed the Halloween pics. I enjoyed taking them. Thanks for visiting and please check back again!


  11. Steve says:

    You didn’t include the idiot American trouble makers. As an American it sucks when other Americans decide to create a scene, climb a light pole and chant “USA!” Can we revoke some passports?

  12. Billy says:

    You saw us? Kidding!

    Doesn’t sound like those guys have many brain cells.

  13. Valentina says:

    I like these pics billy!! halloween’s fashion, by Tokyo!! i like the Michael Jackson one

  14. ly0059 says:

    I need to attend one of these events while I’m there.

  15. Huh.. and here I thought the Japanese didn’t celebrate Halloween

  16. tom says:

    in my world theres full employment for women too

  17. Mike Lew says:

    Hey, that picture of the zombie with the backpack is me!!
    Thanks, I didn’t actually have a memory card in my camera at the time so I’m glad to have such a good picture of that night. You wouldn’t believe how many people thought that was real blood, haha!

  18. Marc says:

    Awesome! great pics bro. I now know where I’m spending next year’s Halloween!!

  19. tom says:

    im x-mas is going to be better tho who can turn down a gift form a sexy Santa LOL

  20. Dudelove says:

    Ahh… Halloween… no matter where in the world its celebrated its always the same. ’tis the only time of the year where chicks think dressing like a whore is ‘cute’… Seriously ladies, dress like that more often on other days of the year. We still think its cute… honest! :P

  21. Ridhuan says:

    Wow that must have been a great scene with all the costumes in a crowded street. I never seen anything like that in my country. I definitely go to Shibuya sometime. Keep posting the great scenes of Japan.

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  23. SK says:

    Looks like good fun! Love the sexy cops.

  24. trashtastika says:

    Aww, I LOVE the zombies. You can be cute and sexy anytime; Halloween is THE time for horror and gore :)

  25. Andy says:

    Hahahaha. I’m the guy with the Tai-yaki fish mask. Halloween in Shibuya was a blast this year. Thanks for taking/posting the pic! :)

  26. Wow, what a costumes.

    The only flaw I see is that they could work in Carnival or in a private party.

    Not many monsters to frighten us.

  27. Wonderful and fun pictures of your Halloween! I didn’t realize it is celebrated with such passion in Japan. The girls are all so pretty. No wonder you were out with your camera!! Were you dressed up and what was your costume?

    • Billy says:

      I didn’t dress up but I should have. I was too excited about shooting and it didn’t even cross my mind. :)

  28. Dumb Otaku says:

    I’ll be honest that looks like a lot more fun than what my Halloweens are like around here.

  29. Jatisrose says:

    Hey wow! That’s our zombie group! Too bad you didn’t take a great quality pic of me… T^T
    Great camera!

  30. Gary says:

    I can see why this post is so high ranking on Stumbleupon and received over 25K hits

  31. Lola says:

    Ha, I like the girl making the KISS face. Pretty original compared to some of the others.

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