Japanese Tattoo Artist: Horimitsu

I’ve done a lot of talking about the Horitoshi family and now I’d like to introduce another artist from the same crew - Horimitsu.


Horimitsu has been tattoing for 13 years using a combination of both traditional and modern techniques. Sometimes he chooses traditional hand poking known as tebori, and other times he uses the machine. He opened his shop, Honey Tattoo, in 1999 in Ikebukuro - the same building as Tattoo Soul’s Akilla.

Horimitsu shows all of his work on his blog which is updated daily.

I recently asked Horimitsu san to touch up my chest. I hate to ask a great tattoo artist for a touch up… but Horimitsu is very cool and he didn’t seem to mind at all.

I found this video on his website. I saw Horimitsu tattooing so I thought it was something he made. It turns out that it’s John Mayer’s - awesome!

29 thoughts on “Japanese Tattoo Artist: Horimitsu

  1. Since I turned 18 I’ve been extremely reluctant to get any tattoos, but after seeing Horimitsu’s work I can finally say I’m interested in getting some work done. I’m from New York City, but travel to Japan frequently, how does one get in contact for an appointment?

    • Sean,

      You can contact Horimitsu-san directly from his website. Send him an email with simple English and you should have no problem. If you have a hard time communicating then let me know.

  2. Rather than giving money for a tip after the service, people usually bring a gift of some sort before getting tattooed. It would be a good idea to bring something.

  3. Hey Billy, you answered some questions on here for me a year ago and I was hoping you could help me out again. I am going to Japan this summer and plan on getting tattooed. I would love Horimtsu-San to do some work on me. I sent him in e-mail to the address you told me. I wrote in Japanese. He has not responded to me, and I am just wondering if maybe his address changed? If not, any advice on how to get in contact? I want to get appointments before I book my flight, as the tattoo is half my reason for going. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

  4. Hey billy do you know if he is going to be around in august im keen too book in to get a large piece done but dont want to book flights accom ect untill I have locked in a good artist.

    • Best bet - contact him directly. I’m in the USA now shooting a tv show so I can’t coordinate apts

      Good luck!

      • Cheers Billy,

        I sent him a email so fingers crossed he repiles. Good luck with NY Ink man looks like you have some great artists there with you. When l come to the states I will have to come take a look and get some work done.


        • Well got tattooed by him and what a legend Mitsu was excellent funny and decent guy he did a massive chest piece on me and cant wait to get more. Thanks to billy for doing the write up on him and letting me find him.

          • Hi Adam

            I am in the process of trying to organise Horimitsu to tattoo me, however I will be flying in from Australia specifically just for the work.

            Because you went through a similar thing (flying in from OS), I was wondering if you could answer a few questions with regards to your experience?

            If you can - my email is [email protected] Please send me a quick email if you can help me. Your time would be much appreciated.


              • Hi Adam, could you tell me how much Horimitsu charges per hour? I am currently in Sweden but going home to Tokyo for two weeks in December. Of course a great tattoo should not depend on the price, but since I am a student I have to know in advance if I can afford it. I would appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!

  5. Hello all,

    A week ago I contacted Horimitsus’ shop through email using simple English. I think it was something like [email protected]…, I don’t remember the exact address anymore.

    I still have not got a response. Could the shop be very busy or isn’t email the right way to go?

    Give me your thoughts please, I’m dying to let this man do a tattoo on me.

    Best regards,


  6. [email protected] if you used that one he gets a lot of emails and sometimes it can take a little while to sort through them. If you dont hear anything in a few more days let me know I will drop hin a line fpr you.

  7. Hey mate spoke to him he got your email told me to pass on he will get back to you soon as he can. Hope it works out he is excellent artist and good guy.

  8. I just got back from Japan last week. Horimitsu was expecting me, Mitsu is such an awesome, kind, and respectful person!!! He tattooed my Son’s initials on my wrist, then took me out to a traditional Japanese dinner! He is so much fun to be with, I look forward to going back to Japan again!

  9. Hi billy,my name is Omar and I’m 17 years old,I almost have a Half sleeve done with a Hannya mask and a lotus flower.Ive never been to Japan but as soon as I turn 18 I really want to go and get some work done by Horimitsu!.Do u think he would add some stuff on my arm to make it look cooler?

  10. Does anyone have an estimate of how mitsu charges? And can I make contact with him through his blog?