Chris Garver Tattoo Video & Photos

Chris Garver, world-renowned tattoo artist and cast member of the hit TV show Miami Ink, came to Tokyo for a couple days to relax. He stopped by Tattoo Soul in Ikebukuro to visit old friend Akilla who asked him for a little souvenir.

akilla and garver

Garver got to work right away and sketched out a nice tattoo design for Akilla.

It’s amazing to witness artists of their caliber combining ideas and discussing various tattooing techniques.

Garver tattooed praying hands on the back of Akilla’s head.

The tattoo came out great and both Chris and Akilla were happy to have the opportunity to bond.

Akilla showed his appreciation by hooking Garver up with a limited edition Bounty Hunter t-shirt that he designed.

note * Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II :: Buy Here

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13 Responses to Chris Garver Tattoo Video & Photos

  1. garver says:

    The t-shirt is bad ass but I need to come back for a tattoo! Thanks Billy and Akilla…I had a great time hanging out with you guys in Tokyo! See you soon

  2. Gweb says:

    Wow, Chris Graver’s work is so amazing and everything I see on Akilla’s blog has been solid gold as well. That’s so cool that you just get to chill with two great artist/friends. This only makes me want to mos def get work done when I come to Japan. /jealous.

  3. Sharon Zimmerman says:

    Wow, what an awesome tattoo! You are like a fine wine, you are definitely getting better with age!

  4. silvia says:

    That’s a beatiful tattoo…praying hands on a skull..mind and soul…

  5. Rob V says:

    Another great piece by Garver, awesome detail. Pretty much seals the deal that Akilla will be shaving his head for the rest of his life, with art like that!

    On a side note, when is Akilla’s birthday? I’m going to mail you some new slippers to give to him, lol.

  6. Sheila Symons says:

    I LOVE Chris’s work! This is just beautiful :) I hope to get something done by Chris one of these days!!

  7. Ryan M. says:

    CHRIS!!!! I live 10 minutes from Ikebukuro!!!!! I would have totally wanted you to do a piece on me… I realize it was your vacation though!!!! hope you still don’t get back pain!! Come back to Ikebukuro!!!

  8. Carlitos says:

    Hi Chris!!!! I can´t find an image of a tattoo that you have made….
    she´s on the car star episode of miami ink and it´s the cherubim tattoo that you made on jon….
    can you please send to my e-mail?

  9. Tiemi says:

    oh my god! if i knew they was in japan .. i really love his jobs .. and yoji? oh .. he´s so fucking cute !! hahahahaha are they still in here????

    and i love this blog too .. to tattoo lovers in japan its a great helper to find the studios ..

    r u an tattoo artist blogger?


  10. Miami ink is a great serie, I really love kate she is so cool. I hope they will continue it forever:-).

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