Rambo gets tattooed


Muy Thai boxing coach, Rambo, from Krazy Bee gym in Tokyo is getting tattooed by Akilla a.k.a. Horiyamato at, “Tattoo Soul,” in Ikebukuro. He’s getting a dragon which wraps around his arm and onto his chest. He’s not getting background also known as, ‘wabori,’ which is what you might normally picture when you think of traditional Japanese tattoo. But there are a few clouds in there which gives it dimension.



Rambo slept through most of the tattoo! He had to be woken up when Akilla was ready to take a break. I’ve dosed off a couple times while getting tatted… but never have I gone into a deep sleep like this guy. He has over 100 fights in his career so I guess pain isn’t an issue for him.

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