Fixed Gear


Just about everyone of my friends has one… so after my mama-chari got jacked last month I figured it was a good time to make the move to a fixed gear bike.



I got a Bianchi which is supposed to be a decent ride. I’m a beginner so it will do for now. I’m keeping the brakes on until I’m up to speed on stopping without them. One thing for sure - I’m swapping out the stock handle bars ASAP!

For more fixed gear related reading make sure you check out Jerome Sadou’s, “Fixed Gear and Life from Japan.” He posts lots of interesting “fixie” pics and info.

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8 Responses to Fixed Gear

  1. Jerome says:

    Hey! Thank you for the link. I was actually reading your blog this afternoon. I really like the tattoo articles and videos. Japanese Tattoos are so great… but I really like to go to the onsen once in a while and most of them are anti-tattooed people :( [and I am not even talking of wifey, I don't think she would like that either...] That said Id love to go to a tatoo event (especially traditionnal japanese ones) and see the masters at work.


    • Billy says:

      Thanks for reading the blog. I enjoy reading yours as well! I’m glad you like the tattoo stuff. Having tattoos in Japan, especially traditional tats, is sometimes inconvenient. I’m going to school now (j-school) and everyday it’s a long sleeve shirt in the classroom.

      I’ll bring you to the next event if you’d like… but you just might leave with some ink :)

  2. Rob says:

    Good deal on the new bike man. I still can’t believe they took your other one.

  3. AlexP says:

    Circus in shibuya is a cool shop. You can find custom parts there as well

  4. Pac says:

    Fixie bikes are all over Tokyo!! I’ve seen some incredible looking bikes with crazy colors. Especially in Harajuku/Shibuya.

  5. Albert says:

    Oh gawd, fixed gear hipsters all the way in Tokyo? HAHA

  6. Terence says:

    What’s a fixed gear hipster? Is that a bad thing? @@

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