Stolen Bike

stolen bikeI’m usually the suspect when it comes to stealing the bikes in these parts. I’ve been stopped and interrogated on the ride you see pictured here more times than I can remember.

To my dismay my bike was stolen yesterday… and this is no false alarm. I had a scare last month but that was just because I forgot where I parked it. This time it’s for real and if I catch the person who is pimping my bike there will be hell to pay.

Without my bike it’s going to be extremely difficult to pick up on Japanese chics :)

Whoever and wherever you are… Mr. bike thief… I will find you.

Everyone is a suspect.

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11 Responses to Stolen Bike

  1. D Evans says:

    Billy - that’s a girls bike - they did you a favour!!!!! Its also orange and has mudguards!

    Still, if you like it, hope you get it back ;-)


    • Billy says:


      Are you cracking on my bike? I didn’t think so.

      That’s a man’s bike, the mudguards make it look mean and the color is hot.

  2. sixmats says:

    That sucks! I hope you find it.

    If you get a new bike, don’t get anything too nice.

  3. Liv says:

    That was my least favorite part about living in Japan - the constant fear that my bike was going to be stolen! I always held my breath when I parked it and when I returned from work to see if it was still there. I had one stolen, and my boyfriend lost two. Everyone I knew lost a bike at some point. I’ve heard some crazy rumors as to where they go … what about you guys?

  4. Rob says:

    When I rented a bike in Kyoto they had little locks that immobilized the back tire. Maybe something to consider?

  5. Rob says:

    Nevermind…clicking on I answered my own question

  6. billywest says:

    Bikes and umbrellas.
    Losing an umbrella can be just as shi**y as losing a bike if it’s the rainy season.

  7. locohama says:

    Sorry about your loss, yo.
    ]Do bikes get stolen from parking lots as well, or does thisonly happen on the streets?

  8. Eric says:

    IT wasnt me. I didnt do it.

  9. AlexP says:

    The best thing that could have happened to you buddy! Time to scoop a fixie.

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