SEIBU Ikebukuro Department Store

seibu SEIBU is another department store I love to shop at. Like every other department store in Japan this one is multi-level! The best one is in Ikebukuro and it’s very easy to find since the train and subway are all downstairs.

Each floor in a department store is categorized into just that - departments. So you will never find bags in the womens clothing floor. Everything seems to have its own floor.

One of my favorite floors in SEIBU is the children’s department. There are tons of brand name clothing lines here. Each brand name has its own little store so you will never have a hard time finding that specific brand. Parents spend just as much money on children’s clothing as they do on adult stuff so don’t be surprised to find a cute kid’s outfit for for the same price or even more than you would spend on one for yourself.

seibuikebukuroOn the same floor as the childrens clothing you can find the ‘omochya’ or toys section. One of my fondest memories is my grandpa and grandma buying me a toy. Like barbies in the US, the Japanese have Rika Chan Ningyo which is a Japanese doll named Rika. They are by far the most popular doll in Japan.

Check out the “Depachika” or department store basement, if you’re in Ikebukuro. This one is huge and it’s one of the best in Tokyo.

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