Ravijour Lingerie in Japan

Ravijour is a popular brand of lingerie sold in Japan. Unlike Japan’s other popular lingerie brand, Peach John, Ravijour’s line sells in various outlet stores, boutiques and Department Stores.

Ravijour (JP only) is a sexier and more provocative line than Peach John. The ads are racier and their theme is all about being sexy. They often get their ideas from Victoria Secret ads and also have collaborations with the Kitson brand which is very popular in the US. Their concept is all about being a woman and feeling sensual in their own skin.

My suggestions from their webstore:

Love Line: romantic line, ruffles and lace
ROOMY: comfy and lounge wear
STEADY: playful and colorful
Ravijour Honey: casual clothing line including leggings
Over the twelve: very casual and playful tank tops and shorts
Bunny Line: pastel colors

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2 Responses to Ravijour Lingerie in Japan

  1. Dave Webb says:

    The ex used to love Ravijour stuff. Very nice range of lingerie.

  2. laila says:

    Ravijour lingerie is really sexy stuff

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