Slaria for Constipation

I was all jammed up recently and I had to reach out for some help to get things moving again. It had been nearly a week since I made a movement and yep, I was officially what they call “Benpi” in Japanese - constipated.

I blame it on the white rice, which is low in fiber, but there are a number of factors that can cause constipation. Stress, lack of sleep and dehydration are three major causes. If you’re in Japan and you’re having a potty problem then don’t panic. Go to your local medicine store like Matsumoto Kiyoshi (JP only) and ask for “Slaria”.


The slogan on the front of the box is kinda funny. It reads, “I Promise You to Reset Inner Body. Say Good-Bye to Constipation, Hello to Refreshing Body & Smooth Skin.”

Well, I don’t think my skin got any smoother, but thirty minutes after taking a dose of this grapefruit flavored poop potion the poodles starting barking. I went from “Benpi” to “Bubble Guts” as my ‘inner body was being reset’. Let’s just say things got intense for a while and I’m thankful that I have my privacy.

They sell Slaria (JP only) by the bottle or in packs of three. It costs aprox. 1,000 JPY each and no major savings on the 3 pack. I thought I was dealing with a serious case so I got the three pack although I probably would have been fine with just one bottle.

If you decide that you need Slaria to relieve yourself then I strongly suggest clearing your schedule for a good 6-8 hours. As far as I’m concerned Slaria is not a social drink and should only be consumed in the privacy and comfort of one’s home.

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