Matcha and Red Bean Dorayaki Roll

Influenced by the dorayaki, a popular Japanese sweet. I made this pancake using eggs, honey, baking powder, milk and flower. Heated a griddle just like you would when you make pancakes. I poured the batter into skinny strips, flipped once and let cool. Made real whipped cream, used half of it for plain and the other half added matcha powder to make matcha whipped cream. Sliced fresh strawberries and, although you can make your own red bean paste, I cheated and bought it at our local Japanese supermarket. Making sure your pancakes are cooled, spread a thin layer of whipped cream, lay strawberries at the front end and red bean on top, and roll baby roll into a perfect matcha strawberry red bean treat.






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4 Responses to Matcha and Red Bean Dorayaki Roll

  1. Al says:

    It looks good. But for some reason I keep thinking the green stuff is wasabi, or mint ice cream, but most likely green tea?

  2. Kaori says:

    Al, its good ol matcha powder! much much better than wasabi!

  3. I agree with Al, looks like a lot of wasabi to me, hehe.

  4. Tony says:

    You should make one with wasabi like Russian roulette!

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