Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Protest

Walking around downtown Vancouver, Canada just days before the Olympics are scheduled to begin there was quite a buzz around town. While most of the people we encountered were enjoying the spring-like weather and Olympic atmosphere, some had a different agenda.

A large group of demonstrators hit the streets to protest the planned executions of nine people accused of involvement in post-election turmoil.


A man’s voice echoed on a loud speaker as protesters marched holding signs reading, “Free all political prisoners in Iran,” and, “Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”


They condemned the execution by hanging of two people in connection with the unrest that erupted in the wake of the disputed presidential vote in June last year. Nine more are scheduled to hang.


According to the Tehren Times: Marjan Kalhor will be the first ever Iranian woman athlete who is to take part in the Winter Olympics. Iran will participate in the prestigious 21st Winter Olympics with three men and one woman athlete. This is a good opportunity for the protesters to reach a global audience.

Do you think it’s acceptable for people to be killed for opposing the government? How can you help?


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13 Responses to Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Protest

  1. freedomwv says:

    That is some pretty strong Iran hating messages. I wonder if any of those people have actually been to Iran and seen first hand what it is like?

  2. Serif says:

    I am happy to see that Canada is open to voicing the political opinion. It could turn into to something more dangerous however and that is when it’s not so welcome anymore.

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  4. Negar says:

    yes we have been to Iran recently and have seen it first had. thank you for covering the event. please cover faces not to be recognized. this will put people in demostrations in danger if and when Iranian authorities get a hold of them. Please make faces unreconizable as soon as possible.

    • Drake says:

      They are in Canada. No Iranian authorities will pursue activists in Canada! That’s why they are FREE to show their faces. Covering their faces will deliver the wrong message!! We support freedom.

  5. Sohrab says:

    First of all thank you for covering the story.
    Second, they are in Canada right now but many of them will be going back to Iran and these pictures could cause problems for them, please listen to the suggestion that was made and at least blur out the faces of the protesters.

  6. Billy says:

    @Sohrab, @Negar

    Per your request I have blurred the faces of the brave people who are protesting. I would not want to cause anyone harm by posting the photographs.

  7. Sohrab says:

    Thank you Billy, and once again thanks for the coverage of this demonstration.

  8. Negar says:

    thank you Billy

  9. Olympics says:

    I think this is a really important issue that needs to be addressed now, and the Olympics is the perfect place to bring it to the public eye. Thousands of people will (and have already been!) watching so it is the perfect place to raise awareness. Good luck to them. I imagine there will be many protesters at the London 2012 Olympics, I will be coming down from the north and staying near there so will get to see the whole thing.


  10. Billy says:

    others are becoming aware and that’s what is important

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