Canon 5D Mark II pixel faults

I just realized my Canon 5D Mark II has some very noticeable pixel faults when shooting at ISO 1250 and up and/or slow shutter speed! I’ve had the camera for 6 months and I’m wondering what can be done to fix the issue besides sending it in to Canon for repair. Is there some type of pixel remapping that can be done similar to what Sony offers with their broadcast line?

Here’s a pic showing the pixel faults (must be viewed at original size to notice) - I counted 17 obvious ones… two of which are so big and dead center I feel like crying. No, this is not a photo of a clear starry night. This is my Canon 5D Mark II.

Advice anyone besides the obvious sending in for warranty repair?

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2 Responses to Canon 5D Mark II pixel faults

  1. max hodges says:

    what makes you think there are faulty pixels? not sure how you took this photo or what you think it means.

    • Billy says:

      Look at the large or original size and you’ll see the pixel faults are pretty obvious. Not sure how you could miss them… unless you were looking at the small image.

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