Fast Food Burger Giants Battle in Japan

Japanese Fast Food Burger Joints are going toe-to-toe, battling for turf with their over sized belly bombers. The burgers pictured below, including the whopping New York Pizza Burger by Burger King, were recently added to the menus of these Japanese fast food giants.

McDonalds Texas Burger Japan
McDonalds - Texas Burger



Hamidashi Burger Lotteria
Lotteria - Hamidashi Steak Burger



Nikomi Hamburger First Kitchen
First Kitchen - Nikomi Hamburger



Mos Burger Korokke
Mos Burger - Korokke Burger



Burger King's new Pizza Burger
Burger King - New York Pizza Burger

The NY Pizza Burger was released in Japan after the calorie bomb debuted in the USA with positive feedback.


Japan’s NTV News takes a look at the latest fast food burger craze to hit Japanese fast food chains, including the five burgers mentioned above.

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