Kid Yamamoto interview on

My man “Kid” Yamamoto will be fighting in the next UFC in Vegas. Here’s a nice interview he did with UFC - you can get a good idea about the type of person he is. He loves his family and his pets. What more can you ask for in a man?

Check it out right here on

Photo by Billy DeCola - all rights reserved

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4 Responses to Kid Yamamoto interview on

  1. Jackie Easler says:

    Love me some MMA! Especially when the fighter is as cool as this, thanks for sharing.

  2. Lalique says:

    :) happy february friend
    from Turkey best for you :P

  3. Jake says:

    Thanks for passing along the interview… I am so pumped for the fight!

  4. Badboy says:

    Maybe next time.

    The Kids a man…and he can’t….make it in the UFC

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