Foreigners Suffer From Post-Earthquake Stress

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So says a psychologist interviewed by the Japan Times:

“Those who are suffering the most are the elderly, children, the handicapped and foreigners. And foreigners are particularly prone to become isolated, suffer from a lack of information in their mother tongue, easily become confused by false rumors and suffer from growing anxiety,” said Fumitaka Noda, president of the Japanese Society of Transcultural Psychiatry and professor of psychiatry at Taisho University in Tokyo.

“It’s really important to provide them with accurate information, and then to listen and understand their anxiety,” said Noda, who has been providing mental health care services to foreigners in Japan for 18 years, especially to refugees.

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via Japan Probe

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One Response to Foreigners Suffer From Post-Earthquake Stress

  1. freedomwv says:

    Yeah, I went though that post-quake stress. I think I am doing a lot better now but I still have my days. Sleeping is still tough for me but I try to get more sleep recently.

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