Twilight Zone

Is this a crazy dream or are there really people outside of the train station in full costume playing musical instruments and handing out advertisements for a pachinko parlor? Living in Japan I often have to stop what I’m doing and take a moment to ask myself, “what’s going on?”

Although I’ve asked myself the same question a million times I’ve yet to come up with an answer. Strange things happen to me everyday. There’s never a dull moment on this island. For me, living in Japan is like living on a different planet. If you had the chance to travel to Mars in your short lifetime would you?

This is my entry for the July Blog Matsuri being hosted by Gakuranman.

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13 Responses to Twilight Zone

  1. Muza-chan says:

    Oh, I met them too, and I what I find the strangest thing is that all this is for… pachinko. :)

  2. Rob V says:

    I wish I that guy’s hairstyle would make it to the states. It’s the exact opposite of what guys here want….a bald spot on purpose!

  3. reesan says:

    Funny stuff man! A samurai and a geisha rockin’ it one-man band style with a dude on a clarinet in an effort to persuade passer-byers to come to their pachinko parlour. Only in Japan. Love it!

  4. Y’know, this would probably succeed in getting me to visit the parlor. I figure anybody who would hire such a cool band has got to be pretty cool!

    • Billy says:

      Have you ever played pachinko? I don’t care what entertainment was hired… I will never sit in front of a pachinko machine. That’s torture.

      • Man, let me tell ya, I have read articles and I’ve even tried to play a computer simulation, but I still don’t think I have a doggone clue what’s going on in pachinko! I’d just walk inside and stare blankly at all the blinking lights…..

  5. David says:

    Did you have two cameras filming that or did you just take the audio from one shot? Either way nice editing.

    Sounds a lot better than the inside of a pachinko-ya.

    • Billy says:


      I used one camera and took the audio from one shot. If you look closely you’ll notice there’s a slight conflict in continuity.

  6. Blair says:

    You know, I don’t think this is so strange. Interesting, yes, but strange, I don’t know. Oh, wait, I know what makes it strange. They’re separating themselves from the pack. That’s strange. However, having been in a band in Japan and realizing what it costs for practice space versus just setting up in the park, I would make the same decision. :)

  7. michelle says:

    Twlight movie is a very very good movie to watch. i love the whole story plus the actors and actresses are all gorgeous.

  8. psteier says:

    This sort of performance group is called ‘chindonya’. There are a number of others on YouTube for the curious. Though usually seen performing at pachinko parlor openings, they also do restaurants or any other gig they can dig up.

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