Kotetsu Boku Shooto Title Match


“The Korean Tiger,” Kotetsu Boku of Krazy Bee will fight Yusuke Endo in the Shooto Pacific Rim Championship on 9/22 at Korokuen Hall in Tokyo. These guys battled to a draw earlier this year so it will be interesting to see what the rematch will bring.

Kotetsu Boku is a good friend of mine so I want to wish him the very best of luck!

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One Response to Kotetsu Boku Shooto Title Match

  1. Billy says:

    We went to see the fight tonight. It didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Boku-san gave up his back early in the first round and tapped out after doing his best to escape for a couple minutes - rear choke.

    It’s hard to see a friend lose. I hope he keeps his head up!

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