MANJI LINE performance


卍 LINE (Manji Line) Yôsuke Kubozuka, performed live at The Garden in Shimokitazawa on Friday night. It was a beautiful crowd, great vibe and the performance was awesome!



Special thanks to 卍 LINE and the guys from FIVE-0 for the hospitality after the show. Once again the tequila was flowing like a mountain stream…




Rickie-G also performed and I was completely blown away by this band! Have a listen for yourself ::


Get Rickie-G’s new album on Amazon JP… or the album titled, “Rocloe-G,” at

Get 卍 LINE’s new release, VORTEX on Amazon JP.

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3 Responses to MANJI LINE performance

  1. Albert says:

    Thanks for posting that Rickie-G track. I’m gonna look up more of his music.

  2. Crunkjuice says:

    I love Manji Line ever since he was an actor in the silver screen.

  3. Rob says:

    Yeah that looks like a good show right there

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