Timelapse Tokyo

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the techniques of shooting timelapse and I’ve taken my camera out for some testing this week. Shooting timelapse is tricky. It’s not video and it’s not stills… it’s somewhere in between. I didn’t have the shutter speed set right so the video came out a bit jerky… but not bad for my first time with the Canon 5DMK2. Check out the clip below.


The next day I headed to Shibuya on my bike. The plan was the shoot with a slower shutter speed to give the video a streaky look. I think I kinda got the hang of the settings now…but this clip is far from artistic. Next time I’ll spend more time finding a good location and setting up the shot properly. I didn’t bring a tripod with me so location was limited. I’ll never do that again.


And here’s another test I did in Shibuya on an overpass above the Tokyo traffic. Once again nothing special but I’m definitely getting the hang of it.


And in my apartment I did this little ice cube melting test which turned out ok. Of course being indoors, in a controlled environment with tripod and laptop right here made things quick and easy. Having gone through the workflow motions a few times I can say that I’m now comfortable shooting time lapse with the 5DMK2.


I’ve been reading a couple blogs (here and here) - learning a lot about timelapse techniques. The video below, shot by Tom @ Timescapes (check out his vimeo account), has been quite an inspiration.

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3 Responses to Timelapse Tokyo

  1. Albert says:

    Nice tests. Timelapses’ are cool. I dig the ice cube one the most. Something about the melting that’s fascinating. How long did it take to melt?

    • Billy says:

      Thanks for checking it out. It takes a little getting used to but I think I have all the settings figured out now. The ice cubes took about 40 min. to melt… I think. Not the most exciting subject but,,,

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