InterBee Japan 2009

The International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition (InterBee) was held this week at Makuhari Messe in Chiba just outside of Tokyo. I wrote up a little something about DSLR kits but now let’s take a look at broadcasting equipment.



I was expecting to see a buzz around Sony’s booth due to the highly anticipated release of the new PMW-350 camera. I wouldn’t call it a buzz… it was more like a mob scene. The Sony PMW-350 XDCAM is capable of recording up to 280 minutes of MPEG-2 HD video on two 32GB cards. It’s scheduled to be released in January, it’ll be selling for aprox. $22K USD packaged with a lens.

Where to buy? B&H Photo


Ikegami was attracting the attention of many with their, “File Based Workflow,” Ikegami HDS-V10/E GFCAM Tapeless HD Camcorder and accessories.


Employing three advanced 2/3-inch CCD’s and available in native 1080i or native 720p versions, the GFCam HDS-V10 records 4:2:2 digital video in the MPEG-2 MXF file format on removable Flash RAM media for maximum tapeless workflow efficiency.

Where to buy: B&H Photo


Ikegami x Toshiba collaboration for a tapeless solution. GFPAK is a removable storage medium designed for Ikegami’s GF series of cameras and studio/field equipment, such as the GFCAM HDS-V10 camera and the GFSTATION GFS-P10 recorder.


The Compact Flash Adapter is awesome! Why aren’t the other guys doing this too?


GFPAK integrates seamlessly into your GFCAM workflow, swapping in and out of cameras, VTRs and even plugging directly into your computer via USB2.0.




Nippon Video Systems - Protech is a manufacturer that makes some really cool accessories for pro video cameras from on-camera lights to tripod baseplate adapters.


Protech’s most popular items are the ST-1 baseplate adapter and the ST-7 shoulder mount adapter.


… more about InterBee coming soon

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3 Responses to InterBee Japan 2009

  1. Albert says:

    That’s cool, though I’ve been using Panasonic’s tapeless P2 cards, they don’t come with a USB 2.0 plug, though the cards fit into the PC Card slot for pure awesomeness.

    • Billy says:

      unfortunately PC Card slots don’t exist on the MacBook Pro and other Macs. I like P2 cards but I love the idea of using CF cards instead.

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