learning to tattoo

I’ve been hanging around the tattoo shop for years and I finally decided that I want to give tattooing a try myself. My buddy Jose, a tattoo artist and partner in crime, sacrificed an open space on his leg for the cause.



Tattooing ain’t easy…

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10 Responses to learning to tattoo

  1. Ryuu says:

    I’ve written this on Flikr, but here once again: You seem to have real talent, keep up your good work!
    And Jose seems to be funny guy and it’s nice of him to “sacrifice” his leg :-)
    How long you have been learning- 1 or 2 months?

  2. Spaceyrella says:

    Good luck with the learning process and have fun!

  3. Jackie Easler says:

    Hehe not bad, but keep practicing, I bet its hard to find people that will let you practice on them. Good luck its better than what I could have done:)

  4. MIYUU says:


  5. johanna says:

    Never to old to learn!!!
    And jose likes it!!

  6. Eric says:

    I have seen some bad tattoos in my time done with some depressing instruments but what your getting up to seems ok.
    I am in the market now for something, I have the design and its simple as hell so….

  7. Akira says:


  8. Akira says:

    I want to go!
    But i have no money..
    If i take Olympic gold..
    This time I’m making a castle in Miami!!

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