Chris Garver evens me out

I’ve had a lopsided chest for the past year or so. The shape of the chestplates were a little off. My right side was done by Ami James… and the left by Akilla.

We were all hanging at the tattoo shop on Saturday and Chris Garver offered to even me out. It isn’t fun getting tatted on the chest and collar bone - no two ways about it!

But it was worth it because now I’m symmetrical again.

Thanks to Chris Garver for hooking me up. Make sure you check out his blog which he just started a little while ago.

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4 Responses to Chris Garver evens me out

  1. Jackie Easler says:

    Didn’t see it before but it looks great now! Wow lucky you, must be nice to be able to hang out with these guys and have Chris Garver say “come on over here and let me tattoo you”. It would be awesome just to hang out in the shop with them for a day, sounds like fun- enjoy every minute of it for me:)

  2. Stina H says:

    Ahh that looks awesome.. You are pretty weak for those small flowers aren’t you? :)
    I still regrett, a little, that i didn’t got a tattoo when I visited Love & Hate. But I migth sooner or later!

    Btw I looked at your pic’s at flickr, they are so cool, man you’r good!:D
    I took your advice, I’m getting a new lens, a better one. It’s hard though because to me it’s like a jungle, there are so many different ones. But I’ll find one!

    Take care! Hope we can keep in touch!

  3. Billy says:

    What kind of camera are you using again? I know finding a lens isn’t easy!

    Thanks for taking a look at the Flickr pics

  4. johanna says:

    Wow Billy that is some awsome tattoo.
    What is your goal, tattooing your whole body?
    I personally like it this way, you look like a gladiator kinda cool I think!!!

    greetz from holland and have a nice day!!!!!

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