Nasu no Age Bitashi


Nasu no Age Bitashi which translates into something like - Japanese eggplant in bonito sauce - is another simple Japanese dish that’s incredible!

4 japanese eggplants
2 tablespoons Niben tsuyu no moto ( soba/soup stock )
1/4cup water
3 tbs oil


Tsuyu no moto is basically soup stock made with bonito mirin and soysauce. Niben brand is the best. My mom uses it so I know it’s good. Every household in Japan has this in their pantry because it’s very useful in adding flavor to just about everything.

Cut the eggplants in half and then lengthwise. Make small slits on the skin like you do with hot dog wieners. Pat dry with a napkin to soak up any juices. In a shallow plate, add the tsuyu no moto and water. Add more tsuyu no moto if you like a stronger flavor. Add oil to a medium-high heat frying pan and place the eggplants facing down. Eggplants soak up the oil real quick so add a little more oil if necessary. The eggplants should be a little on the deep fried side. Once browned, flip them over. You will know when the eggplants are done when they feel soft to the touch (use chopsticks not your finger!). When the eggplants are done, transfer them immediately into the tsuyu no moto mixture. Serve!

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One Response to Nasu no Age Bitashi

  1. Angela says:

    This looks so easy to make and healthy as well. I’m going to check the local Asian market for the sauce.

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