Pancrase - Changing Tour 6


MMA Event Pancrase was held tonight at Differ Ariake Arena in Tokyo. I went to watch a friend’s fight, Seiya Kawahara (pictured left) but arrived late and just missed it… so no pics of that match, sorry. Congrats on the win Seiya!

Another friend, Kengo Watanabe, ex-college rugby star and MMA fighter, was in Kengo Ura’s corner. Kengo is Japanese and he’s fighting out of Los Angeles, California.

Below are a couple pics of the battle. It ended in a draw - it was a good fight but 2 rounds wasn’t long enough to find the better man.



The fight between Kenji Arai & Tomonari Kanomata also ended in a draw. My man Kengo Watanabe was in Kenji’s corner too.

Tomonari has a little sakura fubuki tattoo (cherry blossom) going on. It’s rare to see a Japanese fighter with traditional Japanese tattoos. It’s usually a no-no and hard to get fights if you have Japanese tattoos. Just ask Enson Inoue.


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