King of the Cage: Toryumon

MMA Event: King of the Cage: Toryumon
Saturday January 30, 2010
Okinawa Convention Center
Okinawa, Japan

My boy Kotetsu Boku, “The Korean Tiger,” of Krazy Bee is fighting in the KOTC World Lightweight Championship Match vs. Tony “Lionheart” Hervey. Good luck Boku-san! Find him on twitter: @kotetsuboku (JP only)

You can get tickets to the event here.


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5 Responses to King of the Cage: Toryumon

  1. kengo says:

    whaaaaassssuuuuuup Billy?

    i go to Boku Fight in Okinawa.

  2. Billy says:

    Wassap Kengo-san!!

    I want to go too! When are you coming to Vancouver?


  3. Benjamin Moriniere, Yudansha Fighting System MMA (Okinawa) says:

    Boku-san did very well. I was surprised they way that he stalemated Tony Hervey. Otskare!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boku is a great fighter with a lot of talent. I look forward to seeing him fight in the USA soon!

  5. Billy says:


    Thanks for visiting the website. I wasn’t able to watch the fight. I’m looking forward to seeing it on YouTube when it’s finally uploaded.

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