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I just added Facebook Connect to the blog. Look in the sidebar and you’ll see the ‘Login Button’ and right below that you’ll see the ‘Like’ box. It took me a while to figure out how to get it working right. Now you can login to the tune-in-tokyo blog and leave comments using your Facebook profile. Try it out! Don’t be shy… or you can simply register for this Blog by heading to the registration page.

* UPDATE * what a pain in the ass this plugin is! After hours of troubleshooting I realized that it’s not necessary to ‘connect’ to the site unless you want to register or leave a comment. I removed the ‘Login Button’ - so now you will only see the ‘Like’ box. If you wanna login then please do so in the comments area.

* UPDATE 2 * OK… I’m not going to throw my laptop through the window! Instead I’m simply disabling the comment and login functions of both facebook connect and twitter connect plugins. These aren’t working and I’m tired of wasting my time trying to figure out why. If you wanna leave a comment then leave a comment… but you aint doing it via your facebook or twitter account. Ugghhh!!

* UPDATE 3 * I totally removed the plugin!!

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