10 Most Popular Japanese Tattoo Books

I’ve done lots of research on Japanese tattoos long before I became a tattoo artist. I’ve scoured the internet looking for tattoo ideas but I never could locate the exact one I was looking for. Why? Because most of the good photos are old… and in those things we call books! Here is a list of the 10 most popular Japanese tattoo books (available on Amazon).

Warriors of Art: A Guide to Contemporary Japanese Artists

Hokusai Manga (English and Japanese Edition)

Japan's Tattoo Arts: Horiyoshi's World Vol. 1

Japan’s Tattoo Arts Horiyoshi’s World (Vol. 2)

Japanese Buddhism x Horiyoshi III

Bushido : Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo


Ichibay (Softcover Tattoo Book)

Fabio Paleari: The Leu Family’s Family Iron

Warriors of Art: A Guide to Contemporary Japanese Artists

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Japanese

learn japaneseIf you’re a foreigner living in Japan I can promise you one thing - learn Japanese and your life will get a lot more interesting!

When I first got to Japan I couldn’t speak the language - not even a bit. Then I decided to study Japanese and that’s when my life really took a turn for the better.

I know when you have other obligations it’s not easy to attend school full time… or even part time for that matter. So here’s a short list of simple ways to improve your Japanese:

1. Trainspotting - most of the trains and subways have signs written in both English and Japanese. While you’re riding on the train spend your time looking at the Kanji and memorize as much as you can until the doors opens. If you spend your transit time learning you’ll definitely pick up some helpful lingo.

2. Be Social - don’t be scared to practice what you’ve learned. Get out and about with the natives and interact. If you are a drinker then you’re in luck because Japanese spend a good deal of time in bars or izakayas - a perfect place to polish up on your tipsy Japanese.

3. Think in Japanese - whenever possible you should think in Japanese. It sounds strange but before you know if the words will become embedded in your brain. Translate words like colors, numbers, tastes and smells. Before you know if you’ll be having dreams in Japanese!

4. Participate - join a group of some sort. In my case I took Jiu Jitsu class three times a week. My teacher spoke zero English so my martial arts classes were also Japanese classes. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

5. Relax - it’s easy to become frustrated when you’re pounding your head with a foreign language. Make sure you take time to kick back and relax. Go to a karaoke jam and blow off some steam. Enjoy Japan and you’ll pick up things a lot easier than the ones who become bitter.

Above I’ve listed some simple ways to learn Japanese. Of course if you have the time I highly suggest going to a proper Japanese school. Either way I believe that you’ll only get out as much as you put in. So do your best and you will see results.

Mighty Crown

Japan is home to the second biggest reggae artist network in the world next to Jamaica.

Mighty Crown” from Yokohama is Japan’s hometown favorite. They have a gang of talented artists in their group such as “Fireball”, “Papa B” and “Guan Chai”. Might Crown has their own clothing line called, “Nine Rulaz” and they publish a free Dancehall Magazine called, “Strive

Might Crown has won “World Clash Events” in NYC and Jamaica.