Sleeve almost finished

I’ve been getting tattooed by Akilla a.k.a. Horiyamato of the Horitoshi family. He’s getting close to finishing the sleeve - we have a little bit more background to do and then the scales and the belly of the dragon. The scales black and gray… but we’re still thinking about the color of the belly.

Chest Tattoo

Tebori Sleeve

I’m leaning towards yellowish brown but still haven’t decided.

Any suggestions?

Japanese Tattoo Artist: Horimitsu

I’ve done a lot of talking about the Horitoshi family and now I’d like to introduce another artist from the same crew - Horimitsu.


Horimitsu has been tattoing for 13 years using a combination of both traditional and modern techniques. Sometimes he chooses traditional hand poking known as tebori, and other times Continue reading

King of Tattoo Live 2009

This year’s “King of Tattoo Live” event, April 12th in Shinokubo in Tokyo’s . Participants include Horiyamato from Tattoo Soul (check out his blog here), Horimitsu from Honey Tattoo (check out his blog here), organizer Tokyo Hardcore Tattoo and American Tim Kern from Tribulation Tattoo of New York City.


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